Dekoi - You Said
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Dekoi – You Said

The universe saw fit to bless us today, as Dekoi has released another stunning EP. You Said is the latest offering from the Manchester-based wunderkind, and it’s truly a work of art. I’ve “known” Dekoi (Andrew Bisset) for about…

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5 Martial Arts Movies You Should See 

As Star Wars is currently annihilating all box office records and bringing in a whole new generation of kids to delve into its rich history. It got me thinking about what other movies or genres of movies moved me…

foundations 02
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Saltee – Foundations 02

Sup everybody, Saltee here with another installment of my Foundations mix. Once again, here’s a hot selection of house, techno, tech house, and progressive house music that has always been a staple in my DJ sets and has influenced…

foundations 01
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Foundations 01, Mixed By Saltee

After having my iPod (read: antique) on shuffle last week, a song that I haven’t listened to in years came up. It was “Always Something Better (Trentemoller Remix)” by Trentemoller, a tune that I discovered way back in 2006,…

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A Night Out with Run The Jewels

   I cant hear out of my right ear but I’m still hype as fuck were the first words out of my mouth to RiQ Suavs once the dynamic duo known as Run The Jewels had finished their set…

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iLL PickUps

Whats up my fellow humanoids? Time to share this weeks favorite fashion pickups of The SoReel family.    RiQ Suavs- Mitchell and Ness 1986 Authentic BP Jacket. Perfect for this Mets postseason run and the impending fall/winter season.   …

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That Nasty Flow? Trap Beats? Is This Shitty Music?

I’m sure you’ve all seen this genius Hopsin video, “No Words”, a parody of modern Atlanta/Dirty South hip-hop. Everything about it is done so perfectly, from the auto-tuned wailing verses that really aren’t saying full words, to the hilarious…